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     We make premium e-juice. De-Ja Juice is premium e-juice not because we say so, but because our customers say so. We sell hundreds of bottles of De-Ja Juice every day in our stores. If it wasn't good, our customers would let us know. Thousands of vapers in El Paso, Texas can attest to the quality of the e-juice we have been making for the past several years. Many of them have traveled the country and come back only to tell us that they couldn't find any e-juice like ours no matter where they went or what they tried.
From the day we started making our own e-juice, we have used the feedback from our customers to improve every aspect of it. The base ingredients that we use are hand-picked and are of the highest quality. Our philosophy is different from most. We do not simply go with the lowest bidder to make more money. We go with the highest quality to make the best e-juice. We spend a lot of time researching each and every single ingredient before we even start testing it. We compare ingredients from multiple vendors trying to figure out which one would work the best in the current recipe. Every one of our flavor recipes undergoes a rigorous testing process before we even ask one of our customers for their feedback. If we decide it needs work before we release it, we wait. If it is not worthy of releasing, we don't. We are always working toward improving the overall taste of our flavors by refining the recipes that "aren't quite there yet" as well as adding new ones. All along the way, we are making adjustments to them based on our customers' feedback and preferences.
     Our lab processes are extremely fast and efficient. Consistency is key; yet another thing that makes our e-juice premium e-juice. Once you get a flavor, you can count on it always tasting the same. We don't "cut corners" or take short cuts. Every bottle is made with the utmost care and precision by trained experts. We have a high-tech lab with modern equipment that allows us to maintain quality control throughout the entire mixing process. This allows us to accurately measure and mix any blend of e-liquid a customer may want. The conditions in our lab are constantly maintained also as to ensure a completely sanitary environment.
     There is no single e-juice blend that suits every person's taste. Knowing this is why we offer a wide array of flavors that can be mixed together and allow customers to choose their preferred VG/PG blend and nicotine strength. Our e-juice is custom tailored to your preferences.
Anyone can put "Premium" on their color label on their fancy bottle. Whether or not they took the time and care to properly mix the contents of the bottle, that is unknown to anyone but them. Our labels say premium because we and others who vape our e-juice feel that it is worthy of being on there.


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